I was blessed to be raised with strong morals by my mom and dad in a hunting family. My father believed in me from a very young age and taught me by example.  My mom helped me clean many critters and cooked the game we brought back home. Growing up, sports became a very important part of my life. At a very young age, this incited a competitive spirit in me to be the very best I can be, using the abilities God gave me.  Although I enjoyed many successes with sports and hunting, I chose to put my family first and concentrate on their needs during the younger years of my children’s lives.        

For nearly a decade now, I have used the knowledge and experiences gained from several unique manufacturing positions and combined that with my passion for hunting to create high quality waterfowl products for Lynch Mob Calls.  My research and development background has played a key role in the development of ideal product designs.  I have been blessed to travel the country and give numerous seminars on waterfowl hunting as well as judge many of the largest calling competitions in the industry, which include events like the World Goose competition in Easton, Maryland several times.

I’m proud to have Lynch Mob Calls be a part of The Outdoor Group family of products. The Outdoor Group includes some of the finest brands in the hunting and outdoor space, and I’m happy to have Lynch Mob be a part of this great company. I’m really looking forward to growing the Lynch Mob family of products. With the support of the team at The Outdoor Group, I’m confident in our ability to continue to produce the finest waterfowl and bird calls on the market. 
Thanks for visiting Lynch Mob Calls. I know that when you receive your Lynch Mob Call, you’ll be impressed with the quality and the out-of-the-box performance of each of our calls. I look forward to hearing your success stories! 

God Bless & Call Your Own Game, 

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