Realtree Remains Official Camo for 2017

The Backwoods Life crew is wide open filming for the much anticipated season 13 coming in the Summer of 2017.  While filming, one thing you will see on all of their hunts is Realtree camouflage helping seal the deal across the country.  From the Northeast to the Southwest, Realtree has a pattern that will help you hide from any game animal you are after.

Backwoods Life co-host, Michael Lee says, “Everyone at Realtree is really like family.  Each and every person there genuinely cares about the relationships and how everyone can grow together.  Not to mention how great their patterns work for us. We proudly wear the Realtree logo and hold our heads high.”

Realtree has grown their product line to include over fourteen different camouflage patterns to help you stay hidden in any landscape.  As camouflage has grown in popularity over the past several of years, it can now be found on everything from swimwear to bedding, and even formal wear.  The Realtree website is very versatile, in that it offers everything from the latest hunting reports from around the country, to an online store for a variety of Realtree products.

“Realtree is more than a camo pattern, it’s really a way of life.  Items all over the Knighton house are in Realtree, not just my camo clothing”, says Backwoods Life cohost Kevin Knighton.

Check out all of the great information on Realtree’s camouflage patterns and much more at

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