VIDEO: Kansas Bruiser Bucks

The Whitakers have bucks moving big time in Kansas! Check out some great bow hunting during the rut!

VIDEO: Big Kentucky Buck

Kathy Whitaker has a big Kentucky buck come in while bow hunting, but does it work out?

VIDEO: Don’t Blink

Don’t blink on this week’s show! You’ll miss a hunt! We packed in as many turkey hunts as we could into one episode.

VIDEO: Best Season Yet!

The new season of Backwoods Life kicks off July 3rd on Sportsman Channel! 14 years in the making!

VIDEO: Massive Kansas Buck!


Backwoods Life crew member Kathy Whitaker is bow hunting in Kansas with Royer Hunts, and she is wrapped up with whitetail bucks when this massive guy comes in!


VIDEO: First Buck!



Ryan Michael takes aim at his first buck in Kentucky hunting with his mom and Backwoods Crew member Kathy Whitaker.

Backwoods Buck Profile: Kathy Whitaker (September)

Kathy Whitaker’s Hunt Details:
State: Kentucky
Month: September
Score: 130 P&Y
Optics: Hawke
Bow: Elite
Rest: QAD Ultra Rest
Sight: CBE
Broadhead: SlickTrick
Release: Scott
Map: Knockdown Outdoors App
Camo: Walls Pro Series in Realtree
Food Plot Seed: Antler King
Scent Control: Lethal Products and Ozonics
Trail Camera: Covert Cameras
Stand: Redneck Blind
Nocks: Nock Out Lighted Nocks

VIDEO: Antler King for More Deer!

Kathy Whitaker shows the best Antler King mix to plant in her area to draw in deer and big bucks!