VIDEO: Kansas Bruiser Bucks

The Whitakers have bucks moving big time in Kansas! Check out some great bow hunting during the rut!

VIDEO: Buck from the Fog

Backwoods Life crew member Ryan Whitaker has a stud Kentucky buck come in close in the fog! The rut is wide open!

VIDEO: Best Season Yet!

The new season of Backwoods Life kicks off July 3rd on Sportsman Channel! 14 years in the making!


VIDEO: Kansas Bruiser Bow Buck

Backwoods Life crew member Ryan Whitaker has a brute Kansas buck coming in after shredding a tree!

VIDEO: First Buck!



Ryan Michael takes aim at his first buck in Kentucky hunting with his mom and Backwoods Crew member Kathy Whitaker.

VIDEO: Food Plot Prep



Ryan Whitaker shows us how to get food plots ready for fall with Antler King!

VIDEO: Two Yard Turkey Shot!

What’s your closest shot on a turkey? Here’s one at TWO yards!