I have been fascinated with firearms as long as I can remember. I admire the form and function of guns of all kinds but I am especially amazed at the level of quality you will find in the hand produced firearms of the 1700’s

I started manufacturing chokes in 1981. A year or so prior to that I had come to know Ralph Walker of Walker Arms in Selma AL. Ralph was at that time writing a book called Shotgun Gunsmithing and was also in the process of developing a barrel adaptor to allow the use of Winchoke tubes on fixed choke shotguns. Ralph asked me to do the prototype machining on the adaptor, chokes and the installation fixture. Not long after that I started to manufacture these products for Walker Arms.

Sometime in the summer of 1981 I started work on the design of a new choke and installation system. I wanted a system that could be retrofitted into most shotgun barrels without the use of an adaptor and a system that could be installed without the use of machine tools. My final design accomplished both requirements. I named this system the Tru-Choke (short for Trulock) and started commercial sales in 1982. It has been in continuous production since that time. This system has been adopted by several shotgun manufacturers as O.E.M. and copied by a number of aftermarket choke makers.

Our company has added many different choke designs since 1981 and in fact we stock approximately 2000 different choke part numbers. We have invested in state of the art CNC controlled lathes, mills and multitasking machines along with high quality gauging and metrology equipment to assure our customers that they will receive items of the highest quality. We have come a very long way from my first piece of production equipment, a Warner and Swasey  # 2 turret lathe.

Our company has grown from a one man show to a company that employs 20 people producing products 24 hours a day 5 days per week. Trulock’s is still a family owned business and both of my sons Scott and Jerrod are a vital part of the management team. We have expanded our scope of operations to include other types of gun parts and serve as an O.E.M. parts provider to many domestic and foreign gun manufacturers. 

I am a voting member of the NSSF and a Patron Life member of the NRA. I believe it is my duty and the duty of everyone who makes a living from our industry to give back something to help promote and protect our industry. I have truly been blessed to be able to earn a living from something I love to do.

We have three goals that we constantly strive for, to make the best product, to give the best customer service and to have 100% customer satisfaction.

George Trulock

For more information please visit: https://trulockchokes.com/