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Backwoods Beards 2019 Ep 4Backwoods Life 2019

Georgia Kick Off - Backwoods Beards 2019 Episode 4

Michael Lee, his dad Big Mike, and Kevin Knighton are hunting turkeys on a new lease in Georgia for the first time for the 2019 Georgia opening weekend of turkey season in this episode of Backwoods Beards.

VIDEO: Florida Flop - Backwoods Beards 2.3

Backwoods Beards host Michael Lee is turkey hunting in Florida to start the 2019 season with his buddy Chad Parker while host Kevin Knighton is hunting with his dad on opening day as well. The turkeys are being difficult but can they make the flop stop?
Perfect Deer Hunt

VIDEO: Perfect Deer Hunt

Michael Lee takes us on his perfect deer hunt!
Brantley Gilbert's Alaska

VIDEO: Brantley Gilbert’s Alaska

Why is Brantley Gilbert crawling around in Alaska?
Second Chance Ohio Buck

VIDEO: Second Chance Buck

The boys are headed to Ohio for some bowhunting!
Through the Scope

VIDEO: Through the Scope BWL 12.13

We show you how the Hawke Optics perform on some whitetail bucks in Kentucky, Texas, and Alabama.

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Since 2004, Michael Lee and Kevin Knighton have been blessed to bring outdoor television into the homes of loyal viewers each week.

The guys work hard to bring their lives, personalities, and experiences to the show while demonstrating what the average person goes through each year trying to fill tags and their freezers.

Viewers get to know Michael and Kevin, as well as the rest of the Backwoods Life® Crew, on a personal level as they watch the great hunts they journey into each year.

After more than 12 years on the air, the guys have grown to new levels and are proud to say they are average folks living a dream.

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