WISCONSIN BOW BEAST: The wind here in Wisconsin nearly pulled the blind right out of the ground! We hit the woods during the work week to go bow hunting. This will be a challenge but we’re up for it. Rick Henderson crosses paths with a real wide racked whitetail and tries to make a perfect shot. Hopefully he can get it done. Leave a comment below on your top attractant.


Join Jordan Brake and Darin Melvin as Darin is after his first mule deer. They spot one on the way into the blind to set up for the perfect shot. But things get a little more complicated when they discover wasps in the blind with them! Not one, but TWO big old bucks come out to feed. When the moment is right, they finally take aim.


October in Wisconsin can be tough for bowhunters with crazy weather. On this hunt the wind was howling like a pack of coyotes, and the rain was coming down in sheets. But that didn’t stop me and my buddies, Rick, and Kevin, from heading out to our favorite stands in the backwoods of Wisconsin.

5 Year Old South Georgia Giant Buck 😱 🦌

Hunting with your eyes closed: The early morning adventure begins! As the sun finally peeked through, we were looking for some hogs that have been on our SPYPOINT cameras. What was a potential hog hunt turned into the largest buck we’ve ever seen on our hunting lease walking out locked down with a group of does. Kevin spotted this absolute stud and was able to make the shot while cramping up in both legs! Welcome to South Georgia’s prime hunting week!

WAITING 3 Years For This Shot 🏹

Started off the trip with our strings off the cams but no worries, we got some very talented friends that corrected our bows before heading out to hunt. After a Lethal spray down, our stink it is gone…it’s time to hit the tree stand. Kevin is glassin’ a big ole 10 that he had a shot at 3 years ago. Fingers crossed he comes across Kev’s path again! P.S. Is there anyone out there that seriously eats their pancake from the inside out?!


We got the band back together! Folks fly in from everywhere to hunt North Texas Muleys. And it truly is a brotherhood in the hunting camp. We glassed this monster buck the day before the rifle opener and planned to set up for a shot! It happens fast in Texas, and you need to be quick on the draw!


We bagged a 10-pointer after waiting all day with doe after doe walking past our blind. We knew this big boy was around and saw him on the camera last year but we were surprised to see him here! Our hamstrings were burning, just waiting around and trying to remain stable to get a clear shot off. Comment below about a hunting experience you had where you were trapped in an awkward position!


We are having a great time hunting in South Georgia when and old mature buck shows up that we know well. He finally slips out of the tree line for a clear shot. You can’t beat hunting the early rut in Georgia!


Back in the heart of Texas, Cheltse Quinn has herself an unforgettable deer hunt. Shoutout to Hawks Double Mountain Ranch. On this great hunt, witness the anticipation and excitement as Cheltse encounters a stud 12-point double drop tine buck. Makes an amazing shot, and this trip one for the history books.


Kevin’s second chance pays off on an old Texas buck! After seeing this buck he was sure that the buck was old enough, but wasn’t going to make a mistake on the ranch so he needed to see from the guide’s what they thought.