In Wisconsin, we find an old man we saw last season. Kevin poked a hole in him, but he hit him back! Luckily, this buck only made it another 300 yards and laid down right in front of Michael Lee. Backwoods Life Pro tip: square up and stand if possible because shooting from a seated twisted position lessens your accuracy.


Michael’s 2nd time seeing this great buck and he gets the perfect shot. The antlers on this deer are insane and talk about character! He can’t be more happy with this buck!

Deer Season Kickoff at Brantley Gilbert’s farm in GA

Michael Lee joins his good buddy and country star Brantley Gilbert to kick off the 2022 Georgia deer season. Michael is at Brantley’s new farm in Georgia as the two are piled up in a redneck blind for a couple of days trying to battle some early season heat and hopefully get to see some deer. These two never have a dull moment when hunting together and we think they have set the world record for the longest hunt intro. These guys are even still talking while the deer are walking out! Don’t take a drink while watching this one or you may spit all over your screen, these guys ain’t right!

SCARY CORN – Deer Can’t Stop Eating it

Corn Makes Deer Happy! We are in the woods getting ready for the season and showing what it takes to be ready for deer season and battling wild hogs in Georgia. Michael Lee and Kevin Knighton are at their hunting camp in Georgia to battle hot weather, bugs, and just good ol’ late summer headaches to make sure deer season is going to go well for the Backwoods Life Bucks team.

Late Season Illinois Buck!

Kevin Knighton is after a late season Illinois monster buck at Buck Chasers hunting lodge in southern Illinois. The whitetails are on their feet as the weather is cold and brutal, Kevin is crossbow hunting hoping to seal the deal late season hunting to try for a big buck to punch that bow tag.

All About The Kids Hunting | BWL S16 EP6

This episode is All About The Kids Hunting! Passing on the tradition of hunting and the love for the outdoors is what we all should do ever chance we get. Here are some great turkey and deer hunts with the kids over the past few years. Gotta love it!

Biggest Six Ever On Video | BWL S 16 EP 5


This is our BIGGEST SIX EVER on video! Hey y’all, in the episode of Backwoods Life Season 16 Episode 5, Kevin is in the Midwest hunting and Michael is at home in Georgia. The bucks are moving big time as the rut is kicking in hard! They guys both have great bucks come in and Michael crosses paths with the biggest six point they have ever gotten on video!


Michael and Kevin tackle a Tough Oklahoma Deer Hunt in this episode of Backwoods Bucks. They guys run head on with very warm post rut conditions that make deer hunting extremely tough. With only a few days to get it done before they head to Iowa, they are hoping a shooter buck makes a mistake on this Oklahoma deer hunt.


Bowhunting Michigan Bucks is what’s on the menu in this episode as Michael and Kevin visit their good friend Earl Williams trying to punch some bow tags in the southern part of Michigan. The guys get a chance at their first Michigan bucks. Ups and downs of bowhunting the Michigan rut are what keep the guys on their toes as they try to fill some tags.


Michael Lee and Mike Lee Sr. are after two grand slams in one season! Mike is after his first wild turkey slam with a 410 shotgun and Michael is after his first single season slam with his 20 gauge! This one has turkeys flopping all over the country!