WET Opening Day In Florida

Backwoods Beards 23.2 – WET Florida Opening Day: Michael Lee, Mike Lee Sr, and Chris Cooper head to Florida to kick off turkey season with Extreme Osceolas.


Turkey Season Is Open! Ain’t nothin’ like shootin’ in South Texas. This bird walked across the field like we had ’em on a string up! Turkey season is always an incredible time of the year!

Fanned Out In Texas!

We’re out hunting old boy strutters in Texas. Running across turkeys, deers, and javelinas. Decoys are out, birds are surrounding us, strolling up to our spot. See what happens next!

Turkey Versus Pond

Turkeys can’t swim! This gobbler flopped right into a pond! Andy Rammer is after his first Rio gobbler and this gets crazy!

All Flocked Up!

Michael Lee, Chris Cooper and Andy Rammer find a TON of turkeys in Texas. You won’t believe how many turkeys we saw. You’ve never seen more birds than this in your life!

Quick Draw!

Calling in gobblers in the morning, patiently waiting and ready. Kevin had to quick draw on this one!

Record Book Opening Day Turkey Hunting In Georgia | Beards 22.5


Whew! It’s a Record Book Opening Day in Georgia turkey hunting for the Backwoods Life crew! Michael Lee and Kyler Knighton have already tagged out, now it’s Kevin’s turn and Mike Lee Sr! Can the guys all tag out on opening day in the peach state?

How Many Gobblers In One Day? | Beards 22.4

Turkey Season is wide open y’all and How Many Gobblers In One Day can the Backwoods Life crew put tags on in Georgia? Whew this is one for the records books for the Backwoods Life team. Truly an opening day they will never forget with gobblers fired up and attacking the decoys!


Florida turkey hunting is on fire in this episode! The Backwoods Life guys are down in the sunshine state looking for Osceola gobblers to fill their tags and the turkey hunting is hot!

Michael Lee and Chris Cooper have gobblers coming in close!


Kicking off Florida turkey season and that was unexpected! Michael and Mike Lee are hunting the first week of the 2022 Florida turkey season in central Florida with their good friends. The gobblers are fired up and some things are definitely unexpected like hunting from a chicken house!