VIDEO: Alabama Gobbler Strut-Off

Backwoods Beards 1.4: Jeremy Johnson and David Peacock are turkey hunting in Alabama when this gobbler comes in and shows off!


VIDEO: Georgia Double Down

Backwoods Beards Episode 1.3: Backwoods Life host Michael Lee and his dad Mike are hunting in Georgia for the opening of the 2018 turkey season!

VIDEO: Florida Gobbler Sneaks In



Michael Lee is hunting in Florida opening weekend 2018 of the spring turkey season with Extreme Osceolas when this gobbler comes sneaking into the Antler King food plot.

VIDEO: Florida Opening Day ’18



Kevin Knighton takes his dad Gerod turkey hunting on opening day of the Florida turkey season 2018. They are all over the birds but can they get a shot?

VIDEO: Gobbler Attack!



Kevin Knighton and Michael Lee are in Kansas turkey hunting when a gobbler attacks the decoy!

VIDEO: Hot Kentucky Gobbler


Kathy Whitaker has a hot gobbler working in Kentucky and grabs the fan to see if she can get it done!


VIDEO: Texas Hammer Time

Kevin Knighton and Michael Lee are set up in Texas trying to call a hot gobbler into range.

VIDEO: Right Off the Roost



Michael Lee and Kevin Knighton are turkey hunting on the Twisted Ranch in Texas and have a gobbler fired up off the roost coming to the decoys.

VIDEO: The Boss Is Coming



Backwoods Life crew member Trey Wetherington has the Boss gobbler coming in on a string, what happens next?

VIDEO: Slick Trick Run Down



Kevin Knighton gives the run down on the Slick Trick Standard 100 grain and Raptor Trick broadheads.