First Oryx for Michael | BW Bucks 22.13

Backwoods Bucks 22.13 – Join Michael Lee of Backwoods Life as he hits the rugged terrain of Texas hunting Oryx. In this wild west trip, watch as Michael uses a tree limb to square up on his target and hits him right in the shoulder with his 1776 .308 ammo. Come face off against the incredibly resilient oryx and don’t stop shooting till they go stiff. Get ready for an unforgettable journey with Backwoods Life!

Twelve Point Double Drop Tine! | BW Bucks 22.12

Backwoods Bucks 22.12 – Back in the heart of Texas, Cheltse Quinn has herself an unforgettable deer hunt. Shoutout to Hawks Double Mountain Ranch. On this great hunt, witness the anticipation and excitement as Cheltse encounters a stud 12-point double drop tine buck. Makes an amazing shot, and this trip one for the history books.

Monster Texas Boar | BW Bucks 22.11

Backwoods Bucks 22.11 – Welcome to a little piece of hunter’s paradise deep in the heart of Texas! Bo and Gracyn, shoot their target boar, but this hog just doesn’t want to go down! The giant boar sure has some thick hide and boasts some impressive cutters! Find out how their determination lead them back on track, even in the pitch black and remember to subscribe to our channel for more thrilling hunts from the backwoods!

How Old Is This Buck? | BW Bucks 22.10

Backwoods Bucks 22.10 – How Old Is This Buck?: Kevin is hunting with the 1776 Ammo crew in Texas and has an encounter with a buck that he just isn’t sure the age of. After going over the video with the guides, he’s a shooter!

Spookiest Buck Ever! | BW Bucks 22.9

Backwoods Bucks 22.10 | Spookiest Buck Ever: Michael Lee is hunting in Texas with the 1776 Ammo crew and has an amazing encounter with an old buck that is super spooky!

Ammo and Farts | BW Bucks 22.8

Backwoods Bucks 22.9 | Ammo and Farts: Join Michael Lee as he hits his furthest target over 1,000 yards away with his trusty 308 and 1776 ammunition. Grab your candy, your chips, your dip, and settle down for a few laughs and jaw-dropping scenic outlooks. Oh and a dang good fart joke!

This Gun Kicks | BW Beards 23.7

Backwoods Beards 23.7 | This Gun Kicks: Kevin and his dad “G” are in the blind in Florida as Kevin tries to fill his first tag of the season and it gets a little wild when he tries to shoot!

Florida Punched! | BW Beards 23.6

Backwoods Beards 23.6 – Florida Punched: Kevin Knighton and his dad Gerrod are hunting in Florida when a gobbler comes in close! G makes a dead center shot on this smart old bird!

Patience Pays Off | BW Beards 23.5

Backwoods Beards 23.5 – Patience Pays Off: Michael finished day two in Florida on fire! He is set up and two more gobblers come in but they are taking their time as the hens have them locked down.

Close Up Gobbler In Florida | BW Beards 23.4

Backwoods Beards 23.4 – Close Up Gobbler In Florida: Michael Lee is hitting the Florida woods on the second day of the spring turkey season and they have one HOT off the roost!