CanCooker: Quick, Easy and Delicious

Anybody that knows me already knows about my passion and love for hunting and also for my love of eating what we hunt or just eating in general. Only problem is that I’ve never really been that good of a cook. Well now that problem has been solved ever since I got a CanCooker.

These things are awesome and very easy to use. Basically you just prepare whatever you want to put in it, my favorite lately has been potatoes, squash, carrots, deer backstrap, and deer sausage. All you have to do is cut up all your ingredients and throw it all in the cooker, with the vegetables going in first followed by the meats and whatever spices you want to use and 12 ounces of whatever liquid you would like to marinate it with. After that you just throw it on the stove or a burner if your in camp, and once it starts steaming you have about 30-45 minutes of cooking time and then its done.

It’s simple as that and so very tasty. If I can make a good meal using the CanCooker then anybody can do it. Y’all go check them out at and see what they are all about.

Jeremy Johnson – Backwoods Life Crew (Alabama)