Florida Youth Season Kickoff

What happened in Georgia? BWL S16 EP7

What Happened In Georgia? We’ve got bucks all over the place as the rut is wide open even into late season. The one is packed full of whitetails on the move and some great Georgia buck tags being punched Backwoods Life style!

They Did WHAT In Florida? | Beards 22.3

They did what in Florida? Turkey season is wide open in Florida and the Knighton fellas are piling up the gobblers one morning!



The guys are hunting in Texas with Texas Brand Outfitters and Mike Lee Sr’s biggest Texas buck ever goes down at Texas Brand Outfitters.
Check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/texasbrandoutfitters/ or on our outfitters page: https://www.backwoodslife.com/outfitters/


Kevin is at our lease in Georgia when he runs across one of our many Eastern Indigo snakes. These things are beautiful and harmless unless you are another snake!

Almost Time: Alabama

Well, I know that deer season in some states are pretty close to starting and here in Alabama we are about 45 days away from hitting the woods with the Elites. But before that gets here, now is the time to let the Antler King attractant and the Covert cameras go to work.

The bucks are pretty close to being finished growing their antlers and now is the time to get an inventory on which bucks stuck around from last year and also to see if any new ones have shown up. Plus, it’s a good time to try and pattern those bachelor groups so you’ll be ready when opening day gets here to try and connect with one of those early season bucks.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just like a 44 year old kid on Christmas morning every time I go to check cameras and can’t wait to see what the Coverts captured.

Jeremy Johnson, Backwoods Life Crew

VIDEO: Buck from the Fog

Backwoods Life crew member Ryan Whitaker has a stud Kentucky buck come in close in the fog! The rut is wide open!

VIDEO: Pope and Young Miss

Backwoods Life crew member Ryan Whitaker has a Pope and Young class eight point buck come in at 20 yards and oooops!!

VIDEO: Best Season Yet!

The new season of Backwoods Life kicks off July 3rd on Sportsman Channel! 14 years in the making!

VIDEO: Brantley Alaska Caribou



Our buddy Brantley Gilbert has a caribou hunt in Alaska go sort of unexpected! Watch as it unfolds quick!