Backwoods Bucks 2019 EP 1

Michael and Kevin are in Kentucky for an opening day deer hunt with Untamed Adventures in Episode 1 of Backwoods Bucks 2019. Deer, elk, bear, they all are out there in the Kentucky mountains!

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    I’m from Colorado and I hear you say mountains in Kentucky (basic training at Ft Knox) and I noticed you don’t have mountains! You spent a lot of time videotaping you in stores and trucks driving the hunting spots. I think he would be better served focusing on the adventure of the hunt. The hike in, scouting, the gear you take with you, anything but video of you in the truck With your buddies and shopping and your local sporting good store. Please show more hunting and I will watch your show more!

    • backwoodslife
      backwoodslife says:

      What you watched wasn’t one of our shows, it was one of our online Backwoods Bucks digital series. It’s just about the behind the scenes of what we are doing not the show itself. Thanks.

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