We’re in South Georgia facing hot days and dry conditions. It’s not our first rodeo as we’ve been here before hunting in the South. We’ve got our food plots done and our feeders are ready and we’re able to have some prime bucks coming in. Michael and Kevin are having a rough start and bad luck seems to be the theme. Fred Branch is kicking off the season and has a stud buck come in.


We’re in Georgia at the start of the archery season. Fred Branch has a nice buck still in velvet come in for a shot but isn’t 100% sure on the shot angle. Calling in a tracking dog is one of the best ideas for the thick swamps of Georgia. Beth Lee is hunting on the Lee farm for a big mature buck she’s been after all season. And Mike Lee Sr. has a stud buck come in just before daylight runs out.

WET Opening Day In Florida

Backwoods Beards 23.2 – WET Florida Opening Day: Michael Lee, Mike Lee Sr, and Chris Cooper head to Florida to kick off turkey season with Extreme Osceolas.


Michael’s 2nd time seeing this great buck and he gets the perfect shot. The antlers on this deer are insane and talk about character! He can’t be more happy with this buck!

This Should Be Illegal… by the way we didn’t use lead weights

Watch me grill some steaks, have some target practice and completely destroy the competition on the water. With that boys and girls, we’ll stop for the day 1) My lead is so big, I don’t think anyone’s gonna catch me… Because I’m pretty much the Backwoods Alamo Bassmaster champion here today… I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…

All About The Kids Hunting | BWL S16 EP6

This episode is All About The Kids Hunting! Passing on the tradition of hunting and the love for the outdoors is what we all should do ever chance we get. Here are some great turkey and deer hunts with the kids over the past few years. Gotta love it!

Record Book Opening Day Turkey Hunting In Georgia | Beards 22.5


Whew! It’s a Record Book Opening Day in Georgia turkey hunting for the Backwoods Life crew! Michael Lee and Kyler Knighton have already tagged out, now it’s Kevin’s turn and Mike Lee Sr! Can the guys all tag out on opening day in the peach state?

How Many Gobblers In One Day? | Beards 22.4

Turkey Season is wide open y’all and How Many Gobblers In One Day can the Backwoods Life crew put tags on in Georgia? Whew this is one for the records books for the Backwoods Life team. Truly an opening day they will never forget with gobblers fired up and attacking the decoys!


Michael and Kevin tackle a Tough Oklahoma Deer Hunt in this episode of Backwoods Bucks. They guys run head on with very warm post rut conditions that make deer hunting extremely tough. With only a few days to get it done before they head to Iowa, they are hoping a shooter buck makes a mistake on this Oklahoma deer hunt.


Bowhunting Michigan Bucks is what’s on the menu in this episode as Michael and Kevin visit their good friend Earl Williams trying to punch some bow tags in the southern part of Michigan. The guys get a chance at their first Michigan bucks. Ups and downs of bowhunting the Michigan rut are what keep the guys on their toes as they try to fill some tags.