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What Is an Off-Season?

By Backwoods Life Crew Member Jeremy Johnson

Today was the last day of turkey season here in Alabama so I guess it’s technically an off-season as far as hunting seasons being. I always hear guys talking about being glad when the seasons go out, so they can get some rest and not do anything for a while. I’m not quite sure what they mean because now is when the work starts all over again.

Right now, the bucks have mostly lost all their antlers so now is the time to get all the Antler King minerals out to help with antler growth and to help the does once they drop the fawns and start nursing. It’s also time to start getting fields ready and prepared for spring and summer plot planting. Also, if you supplemental feed then you must keep feeders and troughs full and make sure they have fresh batteries. It’s also time to do a lot of maintenance work on the property. All the roads are constantly growing so there is always grass to be cut. And all those limbs that grow out into the road and scratch your truck don’t get cut on their own. Throw in fixing fences and roadwork and that pretty much goes on all summer.

Don’t forget about making sure all the stands are still safe and shooting lanes are still cleared. Then you start running cameras and getting the inventory lined up and watch the antler growth throughout the summer and early fall. Not to mention, if your unlucky like us and have hogs that destroy everything then you must spend a lot of time either hunting them or fixing roads they tear up.

Then you try to juggle all that in whatever spare time you have around a regular job, little league games, pool time, and summer vacations with the family that you don’t want to miss out on and always comes first.

So, yeah, I’m not sure what that Off-season word means unless it’s short for the time when all the work gets done. It’s a lot of juggling and hard work, but it’s all very worth it when you put a big ol’ buck on the dirt later in the fall. I love it and can’t wait to get started again with the Off-season.