The PERFECT shot – what a rush!

Michael’s 2nd time seeing this great buck and he gets the perfect shot. The antlers on this deer are insane and talk about character! He can’t be more happy with this buck!

Super smart doe dodging arrows!

Michael Lee, Rick and Kevin & Jarrod go hunting for does & bucks on a food plot. Kevin finally got a doe and then couldn’t find it. This super smart doe dodging arrows – you gotta see what it does when Kevin released the arrow!

Kevin hunting like Taylor Swift!

Kevin hunting like Taylor Swift! – Michael and Kevin went out on a hunt and spooked a big buck. Check out Kevin hunting like Taylor Swift and see the spot that’s been Michael’s nemesis recently. We’ve been tracking these deer on a trail cam and we’re excited to try our brand new setup.

Deer Season Kickoff at Brantley Gilbert’s farm in GA

Michael Lee joins his good buddy and country star Brantley Gilbert to kick off the 2022 Georgia deer season. Michael is at Brantley’s new farm in Georgia as the two are piled up in a redneck blind for a couple of days trying to battle some early season heat and hopefully get to see some deer. These two never have a dull moment when hunting together and we think they have set the world record for the longest hunt intro. These guys are even still talking while the deer are walking out! Don’t take a drink while watching this one or you may spit all over your screen, these guys ain’t right!

Late Season Illinois Buck!

Kevin Knighton is after a late season Illinois monster buck at Buck Chasers hunting lodge in southern Illinois. The whitetails are on their feet as the weather is cold and brutal, Kevin is crossbow hunting hoping to seal the deal late season hunting to try for a big buck to punch that bow tag.

How To Make It In A Ducked Up World: Chad Belding

BWL Podcast Chad Belding:
Michael Lee and Kevin Knighton are joined by Chad Belding of The Fowl Life, who looks at his life as a journey that promises to never stop on how to make it in a ducked up world. The Fowl Life’s goal is to bring you heart pounding action as well as in depth instruction to each episode. Each week, they chase waterfowl in areas that we all love to call home. Chad shares how he got started, learned, and adapted to be where he is today as a multi-brand maker and straight out hard worker in the hunting industry. The duck life isn’t for everyone but Chad has made it and paid his dues, learning the whole way through

Legends Of the Fall: Snake In A Ground Blind? Podcast EP 52

What do you do when a snake crawls in the ground blind with you? Found out on this episode of the Backwoods Life podcast with Michael Lee. Michael is joined by his co-host Kevin Knighton as the two welcome long time outdoor industry veterans, Mike and Bonnie McFerrin from Legends Of the Fall television show on the Outdoor Channel.

Record Book Opening Day Turkey Hunting In Georgia | Beards 22.5


Whew! It’s a Record Book Opening Day in Georgia turkey hunting for the Backwoods Life crew! Michael Lee and Kyler Knighton have already tagged out, now it’s Kevin’s turn and Mike Lee Sr! Can the guys all tag out on opening day in the peach state?

Biggest Six Ever On Video | BWL S 16 EP 5


This is our BIGGEST SIX EVER on video! Hey y’all, in the episode of Backwoods Life Season 16 Episode 5, Kevin is in the Midwest hunting and Michael is at home in Georgia. The bucks are moving big time as the rut is kicking in hard! They guys both have great bucks come in and Michael crosses paths with the biggest six point they have ever gotten on video!

How Many Gobblers In One Day? | Beards 22.4

Turkey Season is wide open y’all and How Many Gobblers In One Day can the Backwoods Life crew put tags on in Georgia? Whew this is one for the records books for the Backwoods Life team. Truly an opening day they will never forget with gobblers fired up and attacking the decoys!