Kevin and his dad Gerod have two gobblers fired up during the opening week of turkey season in the sunshine state!


Kyler shoots his second Florida gobbler in two days in this episode of Backwoods Beards 2020!


Kyler kicks off 2020 youth season in Florida with a nice gobbler!


Justin Moore has a Tennessee gobbler coming in HOT!


Jeff Turner and Jeremy Johnson have one fired up and coming in Alabama!

Sneaky Gobbler – BWB 2.5

Backwoods Beards 2019 Episode 5: This ol’ sneaky Georgia gobbler tries to slip in on Kevin Knighton and Michael Lee in episode 5 of Backwoods Beards 2019. The guys are hunting on their new lease in south Georgia on opening week of the season when they have the gobblers fired up!

Georgia Kick Off – BWB 2.4

Michael Lee, his dad Big Mike, and Kevin Knighton are hunting turkeys on a new lease in Georgia for the first time for the 2019 Georgia opening weekend of turkey season in this episode of Backwoods Beards. The turkeys are henned up, but it doesn’t keep them from trying to kick off the season.


Kyler Tags Out In Florida | Backwoods Beards 20 EP 2

Kyler Tags Out In Florida: Kyler is on his second gobbler in two days with Kevin during Florida’s 2020 youth season.

Florida Youth Turkey Season Kick Off | Backwoods Beards 2020 EP 1

Florida Youth Turkey Season Kick Off: Kevin kicks off the Florida 2020 youth turkey season opener with his son Kyler on 2020 Backwoods Beards episode 1. The gobblers are fired up and this one is CLOSE!!

Midwest Turkey Beat Down

Backwoods Life Season 13 Episode 2: Michael Lee and Kevin Knighton are turkey hunting in Kansas with Midwest Whitetail Adventures.

Country Strut Outfitters

Season 13 Episode 8: Country Strut Outfitters. The guys are turkey hunting in Nebraska and it’s a wild ride!

Backwoods Beards – 2019 South Dakota Triple

South Dakota Triple: Michael and Mike Lee are ready for a South Dakota turkey hunting triple on their first day of hunting with Halverson Hunts in South Dakota. The guys and their guide Kyle are wrapped up with turkeys and gobblers are everywhere. Can they pull it off?

Backwoods Beards – 2019 Florida Pimp Limp Gobbler

Florida Pimp Limp Gobbler: Kevin Knighton is turkey hunting in Florida on his last day of the season hunting a gobbler he has been watching for years called “Pimp Limp”.

Backwoods Beards – 2019 Georgia Two In One

Georgia Two In One: Michael Lee is sitting all day during a rainy day in Georgia to try and get a shot at a couple of long beards that come in to beat up the decoys.

Backwoods Beards – 2019 Texas Double Down

Texas Double Down: Michael and Kevin are back at it in Texas with Mike Ryan of Rolla Outfitters when they have two gobblers come in close and behind them! Can these two get a Texas double down?

Backwoods Beards – 2019 Fastest Turkey Hunt

Fastest Turkey Hunt: Kevin and Michael are hunting in Texas at Rolla Outfitters with their buddy Mike Ryan when they have the quickest afternoon hunt of the season.

Backwoods Beards – 2019 Texas Turkey Flock

Texas Turkey Flock: Michael and Kevin are hunting with Mike Ryan at Roll Outfitters when they have a PILE of turkeys run into the decoys. Can they get it done?