VIDEO: Turkey Tragedy – .410 Misfire

Michael Lee and Mike Lee get close to some Rio Grande gobblers while turkey hunting. Mike’s 410 shotgun doesn’t quite do what his plan was.

VIDEO: Bulls and Bears—Mike Grundmann

Backwoods Life crew member Mike Grundmann has amazing encounters each year with big bull moose and giant bears in Canada! Check out this amazing footage!

CanCooker: Quick, Easy and Delicious

Anybody that knows me already knows about my passion and love for hunting and also for my love of eating what we hunt or just eating in general. Only problem is that I’ve never really been that good of a cook. Well now that problem has been solved ever since I got a CanCooker.

These things are awesome and very easy to use. Basically you just prepare whatever you want to put in it, my favorite lately has been potatoes, squash, carrots, deer backstrap, and deer sausage. All you have to do is cut up all your ingredients and throw it all in the cooker, with the vegetables going in first followed by the meats and whatever spices you want to use and 12 ounces of whatever liquid you would like to marinate it with. After that you just throw it on the stove or a burner if your in camp, and once it starts steaming you have about 30-45 minutes of cooking time and then its done.

It’s simple as that and so very tasty. If I can make a good meal using the CanCooker then anybody can do it. Y’all go check them out at and see what they are all about.

Jeremy Johnson – Backwoods Life Crew (Alabama)

VIDEO: Missouri Boss Buck

Watch as Backwoods Life co-host, Kevin Knighton, tags a stud Missouri buck with Spikes ’N Spurs Outfitters.

Brantley Gilbert: Naming Deer

Our Backwoods brother Brantley Gilbert gives us a lesson on naming deer while in the stand with Michael Lee.

Backwoods Life Renews With Sportsman Channel for 2017

December 14, 2016 – Hahira, GA

Backwoods Life hosts Kevin Knighton and Michael Lee are proud to announce they have re-signed with Sportsman Channel to air season 13 of Backwoods Life in 2017. Beginning July 2017 through December 2017, the duo will bring more award winning outdoor programming to the network. “It’s been a heck of a ride over the past 13 plus years”, says host Knighton, “we’re glad to have this deal done and we look forward to bringing you more of our great adventures across the country”.

Backwoods Life will still be in their prime time slot at 7:30pm ET on Sunday evenings in the much anticipated Realtree block of shows. “We are proud to air in the Realtree block each year, they are like family to us here at Backwoods Life. Bringing season 13 the Sportsman Channel is going to be a lot of fun for us all”, says Lee. Season 13 will also be brought to you by Hawke Sport Optics at the presenting partner.

For more information on events, episodes, and more stay tuned in right here on Also check out and

Backwoods Life 11.12: Kansas and Kentucky Deer Hunting

Backwoods Life episode 11.12 is all about the Whitaker Family and their love for hunting! They hit the woods in Kansas and Kentucky each year looking for whitetails to fill some tags.

Sometimes We Miss

Things don’t always go as planned. That’s an understatement in deer hunting. I recently returned home from a great hunting trip with good friend Scott Cooper along the Mississippi River in Arkansas. Yep Arkansas! Most people think of ducks when they hear that state name, but let me tell you, there are a ton of great bucks there. I packed up my dad, Mike Lee, and took him along with me to hunt and help video. The first morning in the stand we were staring at three bucks just minuted after getting setup. I stud young 10 point, an older 8 point (which I should have arrowed, but being the first morning I didn’t want to be done hunting that quick), and a spike all came in to feed. After a few minutes of feed, sparring, and just being bucks the morning hunt was done. Afternoon hunt was fun, we saw a lot of deer and bucks in a soybean field just way out of bow range but we had a plan to move in on them the next afternoon.


After a morning hunt that was kind of slow, only seeing two decent bucks well out of bow range, our afternoon setup was in a narrow section of the soybean field from the previous day.  We knew we would be tight to where they were coming out and sure enough about 30 minutes before dark, we had deer all around us.  Unfortunately, the only shooter buck in bow range came in after legal shooting light so he got away as well.  Close but no cigar!

The last morning came and no deer action, just a group of hogs that a shot over the top of one in as they hurried through the persimmon tree bottom that we sat on.  Using a single pin sight has it’s disadvantages on small, fast moving pork!  The final afternoon sit, we decided to target an alfalfa field that a lot of deer were using.  It was smaller than the soybean field so we were hoping for a shot in bow range.  Sure enough about an hour before dark the field starting filling up with deer.  One very nice 8 point popped out and worked his way to 50 yards, then 49, 48, 47, 46, 45.  I knew I could make a shot at that distance, my only problem is how would the deer react to the shot?

I drew back my bow and anchored my pin behind the buck’s shoulder after dialing my sight to 45 yards.  During my draw back I felt my right elbow (I shoot right handed) hit the tree behind me.  This is where I should have let down, but my anxiousness to try and get a shot took the best of me and I lined up my pin anyway.  During these few seconds the buck took another step or so putting him around 46-47 yards.  Again another mental note that I missed on my end.  I squeezed off the shot and the buck ducked almost a foot down during the arrow flight!  It was almost to his demise as my arrow was low but just low enough that a graze of white hair and some brisket fat are all I had to show for a great three day hunt.

We should all learn from what we do wrong and not force a shot, especially with a bow.  I’m human, I make mistakes, I’m also man enough to admit them and learn from them as well.