Backwoods Buck Profile: Kevin Knighton (October)

Kevin’s Hunt Details:

State: Wisconsin

P&Y Score: 174

Animal: 12 point whitetail

Month: October

Gear List:

  • Elite Option 6 70# 29 inch draw
  • CBE Tek Hybrid Pro 3 pin sight
  • QAD HDX rest
  • Scott Echo release
  • Slick Trick Standard 100 grain broadhead
  • Winner’s Choice custom string
  • Ozonics HR300
  • Lethal Scent Elimination Products
  • Walls Pro Series Realtree camo
  • Hawke Endurance Binos
  • Hawke LRF600 rangefinder
  • Garmin Fenix 5X watch
  • Knockdown Outdoors app

Backwoods Buck Profile: Kathy Whitaker (September)

Kathy Whitaker’s Hunt Details:
State: Kentucky
Month: September
Score: 130 P&Y
Optics: Hawke
Bow: Elite
Rest: QAD Ultra Rest
Sight: CBE
Broadhead: SlickTrick
Release: Scott
Map: Knockdown Outdoors App
Camo: Walls Pro Series in Realtree
Food Plot Seed: Antler King
Scent Control: Lethal Products and Ozonics
Trail Camera: Covert Cameras
Stand: Redneck Blind
Nocks: Nock Out Lighted Nocks

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VIDEO: Never Know What You’ll See



You never know what you’ll see in the woods! But you won’t see ads on the Knockdown Outdoor app, check it out at