This Should Be Illegal… by the way we didn’t use lead weights

Watch me grill some steaks, have some target practice and completely destroy the competition on the water. With that boys and girls, we’ll stop for the day 1) My lead is so big, I don’t think anyone’s gonna catch me… Because I’m pretty much the Backwoods Alamo Bassmaster champion here today… I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…

Meet the Woman Who Loves to Hunt and Eat Pickle Pizza

She eats what? Pickle Pizza? She loves to hunt too though! Michael Lee is joined on this episode of the Backwoods Life podcast with long time friend and social media influencer, Anna Vogler. These two have hunted, fished, vacationed, and attended multiple trade shows in the outdoor industry.


Backwoods Bassmasters, Michael and Kevin, are Pond Fishing Georgia as they take a break from turkey hunting and decide to hit the pond in Georgia for a little bass fishing. Pure comedy here as these two have some friendly competition in the backwoods backwater. Georgia fishing has a new spin with these two on the pond!