Michael Lee and Brantley Gilbert are turkey hunting when five gobblers come running in together and the guys are able to pull off a triple! Backwoods Beards 202 Episode 7 is a hot one!

Father and Son Deer Hunt with BG

Watch this amazing father and son hunting trip with country superstar Brantley Gilbert on his personal farm in Alabama. Giving back to our veterans is what it’s all bout.

VIDEO: Brantley Gilbert’s Alaska

Why is Brantley Gilbert crawling around in Alaska?

VIDEO: Best Season Yet!

The new season of Backwoods Life kicks off July 3rd on Sportsman Channel! 14 years in the making!

VIDEO: Brantley Alaska Caribou



Our buddy Brantley Gilbert has a caribou hunt in Alaska go sort of unexpected! Watch as it unfolds quick!

VIDEO: Alaska Moose with Brantley



Our good buddy Brantley Gilbert is in Alaska trying to tag his first moose! Talk about a beautiful place!

VIDEO: Brantley Caught Sleeping in the Stand

Never get caught sleeping with the cameras rolling. Brantley Gilbert and Michael Lee were hunting when BG got caught with the camera close by. His reaction is priceless!


VIDEO: BG’s Peanut Butter and Jelly

When you’re bored in Alaska you gotta get creative!

Brantley Gilbert: Naming Deer

Our Backwoods brother Brantley Gilbert gives us a lesson on naming deer while in the stand with Michael Lee.