Treasure the Memories

Treasure the Memories

For years whenever I shot a deer or caught fish I would just clean them and go on about my business. Sometimes I would maybe snap a picture but most of the time I wouldn’t. After years of doing that, it hit me that I was missing out on being able to look back at my past hunts and re-live those adventures because I didn’t have any pictures to look back on.

After being part of the Backwoods Life crew for a while I have been accustomed now to taking tons of pictures of before, during, and especially after the hunts or fishing trips. One of my pet peeves these days is how people will do all this preseason work, scouting, putting time in the field, and then shoot a great animal but only take about a minute or two to take a couple of pictures.

To me, the picture part afterward has become almost as important of an event as the whole hunt was. Taking a few minutes and snapping some pictures leaves you with something to go back to and remember the hunts. Plus, if you take pictures here and there during the hunt then you have a story you can tell with your pictures. A lot of times pictures don’t happen because you’re by yourself. An easy way to solve that is by using the timer feature on your camera or phone. Most of the pictures I have of my kills were taken by myself using the timer on my phone while it was balanced on a log or my backpack or whatever else I can use to balance it on. And there are tons of apps out there to use to enhance your picture to make it pop.

Don’t be afraid to use the filters and enhancements like on Instagram or any other apps out there. Feel free to post your pictures to Instagram too, let all of your followers see what you’ve been up to. If you’ve not got many followers, you could always get a followers app to let more people see your content. Hunting shots might make a great picture for your social media platforms, so be sure to take lots of pictures and upload them! Remember to also take lots of pictures so you have those memories to look back on and share with your friends and family. If you would like to use a tool to help you manage your social platforms and make the most out of them, is a very popular tool which is used by many.

Jeremy Johnson, Backwoods Life Crew – Alabama