VIDEO: Pope and Young Miss

Backwoods Life crew member Ryan Whitaker has a Pope and Young class eight point buck come in at 20 yards and oooops!!

VIDEO: Best Season Yet!

The new season of Backwoods Life kicks off July 3rd on Sportsman Channel! 14 years in the making!

VIDEO: Brantley Alaska Caribou



Our buddy Brantley Gilbert has a caribou hunt in Alaska go sort of unexpected! Watch as it unfolds quick!

VIDEO: Best Dance Move Ever



Having fun in Alaska with Brantley Gilbert and Jeff Gossett. Best dance move ever at an Alaska boat ramp.

VIDEO: Bruiser Kansas Buck



Kevin Knighton arrows a beast of a buck in Kansas with Royer Hunts!

VIDEO: Double Drop Tine Velvet Muley

Our buddy Anthony Dixon tells the story of his beast double droptine muley and then the hunt.

A Bittersweet Time

With Alabama’s deer season now over, there are a mix of emotions. It’s very much different from the rest of the country because our rut is just now kicking really good. This is the time that we constantly are checking the cameras to see if any new bucks are showing up and trying to figure out where to hunt the last few days to have the best chance at seeing one of those rutting bucks. It never fails that a couple of real good bucks will always show up this time of year and send everyone in a panic and make us start second guessing where we sit. But that is all part of the fun that goes along with trying to outsmart one of those big ol’ whitetail bucks. The only bad thing about it is the hunting part of this game ends for us next week but the strategies are pretty much a year round thing. But for now it’s back to check some more cameras and staring at the map to find the best last minute spot.

– Jeremy Johnson, Backwoods Crew Alabama

VIDEO: Record Book 5 Bearded Gobbler

Backwoods Life’s own Woody Sullivan tags a record book gobbler with his bow in Nebraska.



VIDEO: Trulock Turkey Choke vs. Factory

What choke do you shoot for turkey? The Trulock proves how effective it is on paper!



VIDEO: Our Quickest Turkey Hunt on Film

With turkey season coming soon, here is one of our quickest turkey hunts ever on film!