VIDEO: Giant Florida Hogs!

The Backwoods crew hits the orange groves of Florida to take down some big ol’ hogs.



VIDEO: So You Want Your Own TV Show?

Do you want your own outdoor TV show? Backwoods Life host, Michael Lee, tells how they started and the difficulties of doing it the right way.


VIDEO: Brantley Caught Sleeping in the Stand

Never get caught sleeping with the cameras rolling. Brantley Gilbert and Michael Lee were hunting when BG got caught with the camera close by. His reaction is priceless!


VIDEO: Kansas Turkey Hunting at It’s Best!

The Backwoods Life crew hit the woods in Kansas with Royer Hunts to try and tag some Kansas Rio gobblers!

VIDEO: BG’s Peanut Butter and Jelly

When you’re bored in Alaska you gotta get creative!

Great Optics Equals Success

One piece of equipment every hunter needs in their bag is a good pair of binoculars. All of us here on the Backwoods crew use Hawke brand binoculars and scopes religiously. But a good tip is to not just use your optics while you are hunting, but also carry them with you during the off season too.

I use mine a lot in preseason scouting while looking at deer or turkeys around the farm but also use them for checking out treetops for acorns and persimmons. I know some people would begin their seasons suiting up with these in hand, holstering them away (some in chest options like those seen on with their firearms. For those who prefer to shoot their game more directly, this makes perfect sense. You can get a better angle on your shot if you’re seeing where you’re aiming first, and for those times in the season when you’re fully kitted out it makes sense to find a way to ensure the effort will all be worth it.

After all, when we’re striking out at deer we need to ensure we’re getting the one we want, not one that would be a loss for the local ecology if we bagged. For those of us more interested in admiring the wildlife, however, well they still have their uses. They come in handy to try and spot those big white oak and chestnut oak acorns up in the trees among the leaves where it is usually pretty hard to spot them with a naked eye. Having a little extra help can make all the difference. So go ahead, take your binos with you on those preseason scouting trips so you can find out which trees have the acorns in them and you’ll know where to put your stand.

So give those Hawke Optics a look and happy scouting. Alternatively if you’re looking for other binocular brands, you could view sites such as SurvivalCooking for many hunting product reviews.

VIDEO: Turkey Tragedy – .410 Misfire

Michael Lee and Mike Lee get close to some Rio Grande gobblers while turkey hunting. Mike’s 410 shotgun doesn’t quite do what his plan was.

VIDEO: Bulls and Bears—Mike Grundmann

Backwoods Life crew member Mike Grundmann has amazing encounters each year with big bull moose and giant bears in Canada! Check out this amazing footage!

CanCooker: Quick, Easy and Delicious

Anybody that knows me already knows about my passion and love for hunting and also for my love of eating what we hunt or just eating in general. Only problem is that I’ve never really been that good of a cook. Well now that problem has been solved ever since I got a CanCooker.

These things are awesome and very easy to use. Basically you just prepare whatever you want to put in it, my favorite lately has been potatoes, squash, carrots, deer backstrap, and deer sausage. All you have to do is cut up all your ingredients and throw it all in the cooker, with the vegetables going in first followed by the meats and whatever spices you want to use and 12 ounces of whatever liquid you would like to marinate it with. After that you just throw it on the stove or a burner if your in camp, and once it starts steaming you have about 30-45 minutes of cooking time and then its done.

It’s simple as that and so very tasty. If I can make a good meal using the CanCooker then anybody can do it. Y’all go check them out at and see what they are all about.

Jeremy Johnson – Backwoods Life Crew (Alabama)

VIDEO: Missouri Boss Buck

Watch as Backwoods Life co-host, Kevin Knighton, tags a stud Missouri buck with Spikes ’N Spurs Outfitters.