Would YOU Take This 50-Yard SHOT?!?!

Settling down with Buck Chasers in Illinois, Kevin Knighton is perched up in the trees, and we’re anticipating snow and calling for deer. We’ve seen a few big bucks here and there up the creek bed. Can he seal the deal?


Back in the heart of Texas, Cheltse Quinn has herself an unforgettable deer hunt. Shoutout to Hawks Double Mountain Ranch. On this great hunt, witness the anticipation and excitement as Cheltse encounters a stud 12-point double drop tine buck. Makes an amazing shot, and this trip one for the history books.


Kevin’s second chance pays off on an old Texas buck! After seeing this buck he was sure that the buck was old enough, but wasn’t going to make a mistake on the ranch so he needed to see from the guide’s what they thought.


Michael Lee is in Texas hunting with the guys from 1776 Ammo when he encounters one of the spookiest old bucks he’s ever seen in over 30 years of hunting!

1,000 YARDS WITH 1776 AMMO

Michael Lee and Kevin Knighton are in Texas hunting with the 1776 Ammo crew and they take some time to stretch out the ammo to 1,000 yards!

Insane Turkey Shot!

G Knighton is hunting with Kevin when this gobbler sneaks in and poses up for an insane turkey shot!

Florida Youth Season Kickoff

Quick Draw!

Calling in gobblers in the morning, patiently waiting and ready. Kevin had to quick draw on this one!


In Wisconsin, we find an old man we saw last season. Kevin poked a hole in him, but he hit him back! Luckily, this buck only made it another 300 yards and laid down right in front of Michael Lee. Backwoods Life Pro tip: square up and stand if possible because shooting from a seated twisted position lessens your accuracy.

SCARY CORN – Deer Can’t Stop Eating it

Corn Makes Deer Happy! We are in the woods getting ready for the season and showing what it takes to be ready for deer season and battling wild hogs in Georgia. Michael Lee and Kevin Knighton are at their hunting camp in Georgia to battle hot weather, bugs, and just good ol’ late summer headaches to make sure deer season is going to go well for the Backwoods Life Bucks team.